Senior Electrical Design Engineer

Job Description

If you desire to be part of something special, to be part of a winning team, to be part of a fun team – winning is fun.  We are looking forward to a Senior Electrical Design Engineer in Eaton’s electrical business, based in Changzhou, China.  In Eaton, making our work exciting, engaging, meaningful; ensuring safety, health, wellness; and being a model of inclusion & diversity are already embedded in who we are - it’s in our values, part of our vision, and our clearly defined aspirational goals.  This exciting role offers opportunity to:

  • 根据合同需要,合理完成分工的项目。
  • Reasonably arrange the work of the electric design according to the contract needs.

  • 及时完成工程项目生产用图的设计、校对、审核等工作。
  • Finish the design, collate and check of the engineering drawings in time.

  • 及时、正确地指导工程设计人员处理各车间生产过程中的技术问题, 做好生产车间的技术服务工作, 解答各生产车间生产过程中的疑问。
  • Guild the engineers to solve the technical problems in the workshop on time and in time. Provide the technical service and answers to the workshop workers.

  • 安排相关人员做好用户资料、生产图纸的整理、分类和归档的配合工作。
  • Arrange the related people to collect, classify and archive the customers’ materials, production drawings and so on.

  • 负责让生产中使用图样、文件符合有关标准的规定。
  • Be sure that the drawings, files used in the production conform to the regulations.

  • 在设计过程中, 负责项目的设计总结工作, 并对设计问题提出相应的预防和纠正措施,确保产品
  • 质量的不断提高。
  • Summarize the experience and arouse the preventive and corrective actions in the design process.

  • 审核执行设计图样和技术文件的更改程序, 当合同项目对产品结构超出规定的更改范围或非标
  • 设计时, 应报部门经理进行评审, 并在研发部技术指导下开展设计工作。
  • Audit the changing program of drawings and technical files. Report to the COE leader and start working under the leadership when the contract needs exceed the production structure or encounter the non-standard design. Start the design under the technical guidance of R&D.

  • 负责《合同设计变更单》的审核, 负责处理有关在生产产品工程设计和产品改进的质量信息处理工作, 对由设计造成的质量损失负责。
  • Responsible for coping with quality problems related with the engineering design and production improvements. Responsible for the loss caused by design.

  • 配合售后服务做好产品售后的技术服务工作,及时提供出厂图
  • Assisting the after-service department to solve the technical problems and provide the drawings in time.

  • 完成上级安排的各项工作。
  • Finish the other work assigned by the leaders
  • 作为电气设计工程师,协助主管进行有效的团队管理,总体把控设计质量。
  • Acting as electrical engineer, assist the supervisor for the team management, control overall design quality.

  • 培养年轻工程师设计海外项目。
  • Provide training of overseas project design for the junior engineers.

  • 负责重点、难点项目的设计、审核工作。
  • Lead critical and major projects.
  • 制定标准化方案,推广至整个工程师团队。
  • Standardize the scheme, develop to whole group.  
  • 负责产品技术交流、推广、方案选型和商务报价售前的技术支持
  • Support the marketing and sales in the technical communication、promotion、 scheme choice and quotation


  • Bachelor’s degree or above, major in Electrical or Automation

  • 5 or plus years’ experience in the similar market
  • Familiar in the related GB or IEC standards and design program, Experience in electrical design for major domestic and overseas projects,can shoulder the work independently.

  • Proficient in CAD, Super Works E-Plan. Fluent writing & spoken in English.

  • Motivation and creative thinking. Team work and communication.

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Job tag: #LI-CQ

We make what matters work. Everywhere you look—from the technology and machinery that surrounds us, to the critical services and infrastructure that we depend on every day—you’ll find one thing in common. It all relies on power. That’s why Eaton is dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies that are more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable. Because this is what matters. We are confident we can deliver on this promise because of the attributes that our employees embody. We’re ethical, passionate, accountable, efficient, transparent and we’re committed to learning. These values enable us to tackle some of the toughest challenges on the planet, never losing sight of what matters.

Job: Manufacturing & Operations

Region: Asia Pacific
Organization: PDD PDSS Power Distribution Systems Services Division

Job Level: Individual Contributor
Schedule: Full-time
Is remote work (i.e. working from home or another Eaton facility) allowed for this position?: No
Does this position offer relocation?: No
Travel: Yes, 10 % of the Time