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Ji Ning, China
Supply Chain / Logistics


Job Description

  • Responsible for preparing order schedules to fulfill product orders from the facility负责准备订单明细表以履行工厂的产品订单
  • Coordinate customer orders with production capacity and commitments根据产能和承诺协调客户订单
  • Monitors the production plan and modifies as needed to maintain acceptable product availability and inventory levels监控生产计划并根据需要进行修改以保持可接受的产品可用性和库存水平
  • Supports data collection and analysis of actual results against business variables of the Rolling Business Model (RBM) forecasts such as sales to users, orders, shipments and factory and dealer inventory根据滚动业务模型(RBM)预测的业务变量支持数据收集和实际结果分析,例如销售给用户,订单,发货以及工厂和经销商库存
  • Assists in the development of a plan and business case for critical review by Product Managers, materials, factory managers and marketing subsidiaries, explaining why this plan provides the best compromise to conflicting objectives协助制定计划和业务案例,由产品经理,材料,工厂经理和营销子公司进行严格审查,解释为什么该计划能够为相互冲突的目标提供最佳折中方案
  •  Perform Root Cause Analysis, make recommendations and where applicable implement Corrective Action Plans for issues involving the production schedule and customer delivery*执行根本原因分析,提出建议并在适用情况下实施纠正措施计划,以解决与生产计划和客户交付有关的问题
  • Adjusts RBM forecast for supply constraints such as machinery, equipment, manpower, etc. 调整对供应约束的RBM预测,例如机械,设备,人力等。
  • Supports the global S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) process and attends meetings with marketing subsidiaries on a monthly basis acting as Subject Matter Expert支持全球S&OP(销售和运营计划)流程,并每月与市场营销子公司会面,担任主题专家
  • Supports data gathering for analysis of industry and dealer trends and helps assess risks and opportunities支持数据收集,分析行业和经销商趋势,并帮助评估风险和机遇
  • Supports data gathering to provide availability administration including demand management, special order programs, responding to critical deals, quoting delivery for large projects, etc. 支持数据收集,以提供可用性管理,包括需求管理,特殊订单计划,对重要交易的响应,大型项目的报价等。
  • Helps prepare scheduling proposals to accommodate special situations such as strike hedge plans or reviewing costs and consequences of layoffs, carrying inventory, using plant shutdowns, etc. 帮助准备计划建议以适应特殊情况,例如罢工对冲计划或审查裁员的成本和后果,运送库存,使用工厂停工等。
  • Supports oversight and analysis and development of complex attachment forecasts utilizing the latest tools available to compensate for changes in dealer ordering behavior利用最新的工具支持对复杂附件预测的监督和分析和开发,以补偿经销商订购行为的变化
  • Monitors attachment inventory daily and develops schedules to achieve inventory turns goals while maintaining good availability on key attachments to compensate for order changes and diversions from stock inventory每天监控附件库存,制定时间表以实现库存实现目标,同时保持关键零件的良好可用性,以补偿订单更改和库存盘点    
  • Communicate order status to customers through appropriate channels and ensure product is invoiced on time,通过适当渠道向客户沟通订单状态,并确保产品按时开发票
  • Manage capacity planning for specific production cells to meet S&OP targets*管理特定生产单元的能力计划,以达到S&OP目标
  • Other tasks assigned by senior management. 高级管理层分配的其他任务。


  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills强大的分析和解决问题的能力
  • College or university degree related to Supply Chain, or equivalent experience•与供应链相关的大学或大学学位,或同等经历
  • Excellent interpersonal, teamwork, organization and communication skills•优秀的人际关系,团队合作,组织和沟通技巧
  • Knowledge of prime products and attachments•了解主要产品和附件
  • Familiarity with company manufacturing facilities, processes, equipment and processes熟悉公司的生产设施,流程,设备和流程
  • Experience in scheduling •有计划经验

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Job: Supply Chain / Logistics

Region: Asia Pacific
Organization: HYD Hydraulics Group

Job Level: Entry Level
Schedule: Full-time
Is remote work (i.e. working from home or another Eaton facility) allowed for this position?: No
Does this position offer relocation?: No
Travel: No

Requisition ID: 055925